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Support the Italian Culinary Arts
By Helping Train the Next Generation 

The Italian Culinary Foundation is issuing a call for leadership, a sponsorship drive, and student support. It is simply not possible for any organization to realize its fullest potential without a degree of commitment and philanthropy from community supporters. For the Italian Culinary Foundation, this fact is especially true, given the scholarship programs and intensive study opportunities we seek to provide. The following list summarizes the primary needs and opportunities that exist for philanthropic leadership and investment in the future of the Italian Culinary Foundation:

• Scholarship Sponsors

Individuals who provide financial contributions to scholarship programs for US students to study Italian cuisine, products, and wine in Italy

Chef using a tablet
• Travel Sponsors

Supporters who provide the necessary financial support to cover airline, ground transportation and lodging costs for chefs from Italy, as well as students and faculty

• Program Sponsors

Our more involved contributors will also provide financial support for the administration and coordination of the visiting chef programs, demos, and seminars.

• Product Sponsors

A successful program would not be possible without authentic products from Italy. Financial support is needed to ensure the availability of products, plus their shipping costs from Italy to each school, alleviating the educational institutions from the burden and added expense.

Our Culinary Scholarship Program

Students in the Kitchen

Our goal is to raise awareness and preserve the quality of Italian cuisine through our program. We also aim to send as many of our students as possible to Italy to study on-site with renowned professional Italian chefs. The students will not only learn all about real Italian cuisine, but they will gain exceptional credentials for their resume and the experience of a lifetime.

We are currently seeking sponsors and program partners to implement our scholarship programs for U.S. students and faculty. The more support we can count on to fund and develop our scholarship programs, the more our students will benefit from on-site training in Italy. Please call or email us if you have questions about the program, or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. We welcome all participants who have a passion for good food and, especially, excellent Italian cuisine.

Sponsor Benefits

No foundation can achieve its goals without the support from the industry leading companies and individuals…ICF is no exception!

All funds raised from sponsors will benefit the Italian Culinary Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

The funds will be used to create scholarships and events, such as seminars about Italian cuisine, products, and culture. ICF is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of Italian culinary arts and wine, as well as an appreciation for authentic Italian food products. Learning to recognize authentic Italian food products is the best way to fight the counterfeit ones, which now more then ever continue to spread throughout the world. Education is the key. The Italian Culinary Foundation, through its May-Mei Italian Culinary Academy programs, will help educate the younger generation of professionals into the future.

Tutti i contributi degli sponsors verranno inviati all’Italian Culinary Foundation, una Fondazione not for profit. I contributi verranno utilizzati per creare Borse di Studio nelle più importanti scuole di cucina in America. La Fondazione organizzerá anche seminari con giornalisti sulla cultura, la tavola ed i prodotti agroalimentari Italiani. Il miglior modo per combattere la contraffazione dei prodotti di eccellenza Italiani è attraverso la conoscenza dei prodotti autentici. I programmi della Fondazione, quale la May-Mei Italian Culinary Academy, hanno come scopo il compito di educare una generazione di giovani professionisti nel settore dell’Ospitalità Alberghiera e della ristorazione, per aiutarli a creare un futuro sempre più Italiano.

  1. Scholarships in the name of the sponsor will be established in major culinary schools around the world.

Le Borse di Studio a nome dello sponsor verranno istituite nelle più importanti scuole di cucina del mondo.

  1. Sponsor’s name will be listed in the ICF website and all its initiatives, as well as in printed material for its activities and communications to the press and consumers all over the world.

Il nome dello sponsor verrà pubblicato nel sito ICF e in tutte le comunicazioni ufficiali, programmi di marketing e promozionali, e sulla stampa rivolta ai consumatori in tutto il mondo.

  1. All ICF sponsors may have a link to their website on the ICF website.

Tutti gli sponsors dell’ICF avranno la possibilità di avere un link del loro sito web nel sito web dell’ICF.

  1. Sponsor’s name will be included in all written material used for marketing purposes by ICF.

Il nome dello sponsor verrà incluso in tutte le comunicazioni dell’ICF per la promozione dei suoi eventi.

  1. Sponsor’s name will be included in all forms of visual material used by ICF such as: banners or other signage (size in accordance to the sponsorship level).

Il nome dello sponsor verrà incluso in tutte le forme visuali di comunicazione dell’ ICF: quali bandiere o altre forme. (la grandezza del nome sarà in base al livello di sponsorizzazione)

  1. Sponsor’s name will be included in the food supplier list in the ICF website.

Il nome dello sponsor verrà incluso nella lista dei food suppliers nel sito web dell’ICF per tutti i loro prodotti.

  1. All Sponsors’ benefits will be in accordance to their contribution level to the Italian Culinary Foundation.

I benefici per gli sponsors saranno basati sul valore del contributo dato all’ Italian Culinary Foundation

  1. Extra: Tony May and/or Sergio Mei could be available for activities at food shows on behalf of the sponsor
    Note: A three-month advance notice is necessary. Expenses may apply.

Tony May and Sergio Mei possono essere a disposizione degli sponsors con richiesta di tre mesi in anticipo, per attività di marketing degli sponsors negli USA.
NB: Spese aggiuntive da considerare


To have a Scholarship in the sponsor’s name the minimum contribution is $10,000

Joint sponsor Scholarship: $5,000

All other corporate sponsorships: $1,000

Individuals: $100

Make a contribution or become a sponsor today!